Contemporary Floral Design

Are you an American florist that would like to focus more on contemporary European floral design? Or, would you just like to offer better rounded arrangements to your customers? Contemporary floral design is something that many florists fail to think about because they believe that beautiful is beautiful. But, as time goes on more and more people don’t want the arrangements of the past, especially for special occasions such as the births of babies, weddings, and especially funerals. Being up to date on what is popular now is important, or should be at least as important as your desire to attract new clients to your business. Here at Floral Design Magazine you can learn about new techniques.

Contemporary Floral Design

Contemporary European floral design is not something a lot of American florists worry about, but most find that if they at least have some knowledge of what is going on with arrangements the world over, they can better serve their customers. Not only can florists better serve their customers, they can also find inspiration for their own work from the work of others who are across the ocean. Not only are flowers often arranged a bit differently, but contemporary European floral design can often challenge florists everywhere else to work with new flowers and simply stretch their creative limits. There is no such thing as too much outer influence when it comes to arranging flowers, so it pays to take note of what is going on all around the world, not just in your own backyard and neighborhood floral shops.

Knowing about contemporary floral design doesn’t make you a slave to it; instead, it reminds you to keep trying new things. Even if you learned to arrange flowers 50 years ago, you still need to be on top of what the client will want from you today. While your designs of 50 years ago may appeal to clients your age, you may struggle to obtain a younger clientele. You do not have to make all of your arrangements contemporary, but having an idea of what is going on right now is a good idea for your business.

We believe that when you visit and when you subscribe to our magazine that we can help you understand contemporary floral design. You can take these ideas and instructions and copy them or simply use them for instruction. That is what is so great about flower arrangements -- you can find inspiration and direction in just about everything!

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